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Publié : 9 janvier 2011
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Hello ! My name is Agathe . I was born on January , 26th 1997 in Mont Saint Aignan . I live in Renneville . I’m French ! I have got two brothers , their names are Aurélien and Benjamin . Aurélien is 11 years old and Benjamin is 17 years old ! I have got two cats . My favourite subjects are Spanish,maths and P.E. ! I like going out with my friends , taking pictures with my family and my friends . My favourite colours are red and orange ! I play football , I train twice a week and I play once a week . My mother is a nurse . My brothers play football . My best friend is Melvin , he is 12 years old , He plays football with me . I want to be a journalist ! My favourite football team is Olympique de Marseille .