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Publié : 9 janvier 2011
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Hello, my name is Anaïs. I am 13 years old.
I live in Rosay s/ Lieure with my parents.
My sister lives in Rouen.
I love chocolate, sweets, sport, my friends, shopping
and watching TV.
My birthday is on the 26th of May.
My sister is Adeline, she is 18 years old.
She is a hairdresser.
I have one cat. My cat is Chipoune.
My dad is Yves. He is a cook.
My mum is Pierrette. She is an ATSEM.
My favourite sports are football and hockey.
My favourite football team is Barcelona and
my favourite hockey teams are Louviers and Gaillon.
My best friends are Agathe, Manon, Florian and Clément.
My favourite countries are England, the U.S.A and Spain.
My favourite subjects are Spanish and P.E.
My favourite movie is « Fisica o Quimica. »
Is it a Spanish movie.