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Publié : 9 janvier 2011
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4ème Euro

My Portrait

Hello ! My name is Édouard , I like playing on the computer(Sims 3...) and Tennis. I have got one big brother and one little sister . I don’t like maths and history but I like Art , Chemistry and Science. I have got no pet . I don’t like peas . My father is a Chemist,my mother doesn’t work, she is a housewife. I play tennis in Fleury and I do theatre . I live in Perriers sur Andelle . I want to be a Vet.
I have never been to England but I hope to go there.My friends are Clément,Vincent,Marvin,Charles,Florian. I like drawing. My favourite mangas are : Naruto,One Piece ,FullMétal. I like listening to GreenDay.