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Publié : 9 janvier 2011
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4ème Euro

My portrait

My name’s Clément.I am 13 years old .I like basketball and I play basketball. I like games, history , Art and science. I don’t like French and maths. I live in Charleval .I have one dog . I have one sister and one brother : their names are Inès and Jules . I like drawing. I like manga .
I hope to go Japan one day.
I love my friends. My best friends are : Edouard , Marvin, Florian , and Vincent . Edouard, Marvin and I are fans of manga . My favourite mangas are : One Piece , Naruto , Air Gear , and GTO . My favourite Mangaka is Eichiro Oda . I have one dog . I like listening to Guns and Roses.